Monday, January 31, 2011

Will You Help Bring Brady Home??

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This weeks release is super special to me!! This kit is not just any ordinary kit; it is for an amazing cause and an amazing little guy that needs a family, a home, and someone to love and care for him. Our good friends, the Hartman family, are in the process of adopting the sweet boy below. They feel called to rescue this little boy "Brady" from a mental institution in Eastern Europe. Because he has Downs Syndrome, Brady was abandoned at birth, just like the majority of children with any sort of disabilities in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. lt is standard procedure when these children turn between 4-6 years old (depending on region) that they are transferred from Orphanages to full blown Mental Institutions. This transfer is very traumatic, and many times these children suffer and sometimes die due to the conditions. Brady has already been transferred and The Hartmans are trying to get to him as quickly as possible. So I told this sweet family that I would ask the girls at "Stuff to Scrap" to Help!! The cost of this adoption is well between $20,000- $30,000 and so we just want to be able to contribute a little toward that huge amount. The amazing designers at "Stuff to Scrap" have put together an awesome collaboration that can be used to donate to this great cause. All proceeds from the sell of *Brady* goes directly to the Hartman's adoption fund.

PLEASE consider helping in this amazing endeavor to BRING BRADY HOME!!

(Picture linked to their blog)

If you want you can read more at the Hartmans sponsor page

I found this blog the other day with a post about Brady. She met Brady while adopting their son Aaron. It brought me to tears!!


This is a blog of another family we know that just adopted two children from Eastern Europe (They are so cute and its just amazing to see how much they are thriving with a little love) =D



  1. This is so cool! I just left Andrea at SBA a note too, but I wanted to make sure and say thanks to you too!

    I have been a lurking admirer, I admit, but I just HAD to comment when I saw this. I have used some of your freebies and kits (and other STS designers) making free buttons for Reece's Rainbow families to use in promotion of their adoptions! My two worlds have collided, and I never expected that!

    A quick explanation... I have a daughter with DS, and I found digiscrapping after I started a blog for her 4 years ago. Since then, I've come to do volunteer image work, making buttons, and free blog designs for adopting families, for Reece's Rainbow, and I often use STS things for those buttons! But I never thought my fave digiscrap blogs/store and my DS world would interact!

    So kudos to you guys for doing this collab!! Thank you for helping bring Brady home, and for helping to spread the word about the families (hundreds!) who are in the process of doing just what Brady's family is right now.

    Thank you!! Thank you!! This totally made my week!!

  2. What a wonderful way to help your friend. I just purchased it. I'm happy to be contributing to their adoption. Best of luck to them. And thanks to all of the STS designers. It's an amazing little boy kit!

  3. Your Brady kit has toatally inspired me to help the Hartmans! Come see the HUGE giveaway going on over at the blog to help them out.

    How do I email you? I have a question for you.


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