Thursday, December 16, 2010

Glistening Noel

Hey Followers!!

I know its been awhile since I posted but we've been really busy around here. We just recently moved into a bigger home.... good thing because we just found out last week that we are expecting # 5!!! We are super excited but I just wish I didn't have to deal with morning sickness (or should I say ALL DAY sickness), yuck!! =D I just have to pray and ask the Lord to help me coupe because He only gives us what we can handle, right?? but sometime I don't think I can handle this, hehe! So if you are asking yourself...its almost Christmas and you're just now releasing your Christmas kit?? Well this was suppose to be out early December but I haven't really wanted to design as much as I usually do with all that is happening around here. So to go ahead and make it up to you. I want to make it worth you getting Glistening Noel, so lets just make it only $2 until Christmas. =D You can grab it HERE..... hope you all enjoy this Holiday season!! Here is what I created with Glistening Noel today over at STS for the Snow Day Speed Scrap, lots of fun!!

And the entire preview:

So jump on over to STUFF TO SCRAP to grab this awesome kit for only 2.00!!


  1. Oh, My Gosh, You're Preggo?!?! That amazing! Congrats!
    I called it all day sickness as well :) Man, I love my babies but I hate being pregnant.
    So so happy you are back!!!

  2. Congrats on expecting #5, can't imagine how you do it. Wishing you a Blessed and Merry Christmas.


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